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    Assembly Line Conveyors

    Assembly Line Conveyor Systems

    In a bid to improve production, increase efficiency and cut on costs, manufacturers are looking to assembly line conveyors. At Midland Handling Equipment Limited, we offer a variety of custom designed assembly line conveyors designed to reduce human intervention in the assembly line and also increase efficiency.

    We have many years of experience dealing with handling equipment and we appreciate that different plants have different needs. We offer bespoke assembly line conveyor solutions that are tailored to the size and floor plan of your assembly plant.

    We design, build and test all our systems before delivering them to our clients guaranteeing that all safety, security and quality standards are met for a trouble free and efficient assembly line conveyor system.

    Heavy Duty Assembly Line Conveyor Systems

    We offer a variety of different assembly line conveyors built to serve assembly plants that deal with heavy equipment. Clients looking for heavy-duty assembly line conveyors can choose from the wide variety which includes turntables, Multi-strand chain conveyors and chain-driven live roller conveyors. With our diversity and experience, our clients are able to choose from a wide pool of options which can be further customised to match their needs and also the needs of their assembly plants.

    Light Assembly Conveyors

    For manufacturers looking for light assembly line conveyors, we offer the tabletop conveyor. This type of conveyor is suited for moving lightweight parts and materials from different parts of the assembly floor to another.

    Automated Material Handling and Walk on Requirements

    We also offer assembly line conveyor solutions for companies that are looking to automate material handling and walk on requirements. We offer the Pallet Pro conveyor system for companies that are looking for conveyors with walk-on requirements. For automated material handling, our offering includes Shuttle Carts – AGV’s.

    We also offer plastic belt conveyors that are best suited for assembly lines dealing with parts. With our range of comprehensive offerings, our clients are able to enjoy quality systems all under one roof.

    Why Choose Us?

    Trained and certified – your business relies on our services to grow and become more efficient. We take this very seriously and only hire the best qualified and highly trained Engineers and Designers to work on our projects. We are also certified in manufacturing and the installation of highly complex lifting and conveyor systems.

    Comprehensive Services – we design, build and test all our equipment. We also install, maintain and repair systems that we have built and installed for our clients. With us, you will be able to access a full range of assembly line conveyor services and solutions all under one roof making the process easier and more cost-efficient.

    In-house Testing – the safety and integrity of the equipment that we produce for our clients are very essential to us. Safety and quality are paramount to us and we make sure that every assembly line conveyor system we build goes through a rigorous series of tests to guarantee sustainability and safety of the system. Our clients can have peace of mind with our systems.

    Customised Conveyor Solutions – we know that different businesses have different requirements and that they are also built differently. We don’t believe that businesses should be forced to conform to systems. That is why we offer custom assembly line conveyor system to match the needs, layout and the type of loads that our clients are handling.

    For more information on our assembly line conveyor systems and services, get in touch with our helpful and friendly customer support team today.

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