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    Automotive Handling Systems

    The automotive industry is growing rapidly. Such growth calls for increased efficiency in the productions lines without compromising the quality of the end product. At Midland Handling Equipment Limited, we offer a variety of automotive handling equipment to fit every stage of the assembly line, improve efficiency and reduce reliance on human intervention increasing production and sales while cutting down on production costs.

    The automotive assembly line comprises various cogs and gears at different stations. At MHEL, we offer different automotive handling systems fit for the different stations which include the welding, painting, assembly and a variety of others.

    With our experience in the field, we understand what it takes to build a quality and reliable system that is able to deliver results while providing a safe and secure working environment. We endeavour to build systems that make the best use of the effective work area our clients have with the different types of automotive handling and assembly line conveyor systems that we have to offer.

    Our range of innovative and custom systems for automotive assembly lines include

    • Automotive Guided Vehicles (AGV and AGCs)
    • Friction drive conveyor
    • Chain conveyors
    • Roller conveyor systems
    • JIT systems and Assembly systems
    • Power and Free chain conveyors
    • Cargo handling

    Custom Line Assembly

    With our custom line assembly solutions, you can increase efficiency and reduce the time taken at any given station. By having automated handling systems, you can reduce the risk of moving heavy car parts and cargo within the space in the assembly cell. With our experience and expertise, our team of Engineers and Designers can design and build systems that conform to your assembly floor plan and its needs.

    We are able to build systems that include in-feed and discharge conveyor systems with different transfers like lift tables and turntables. Each of these aspects is built to match the components being handled and the design of the assembly line.

    Powertrain Operations

    The engine and transmission stations handle the largest and heaviest components. We offer different solutions to match the needs of the clients which include engine assembly cells and crankshaft buffer lines. We also offer overhead conveyors systems to make moving the assembled parts to the next station and save on floor space.

    Tire and Wheel Handling Solutions

    With our automotive handling solutions, you can drastically reduce risks and wastage of resources and time in the tire and wheel station. Our equipment ranges from transportation carts to move the tires from storage to the assembly point and conveyor systems that bring in the assembled car to have the wheels fitted.

    Why Choose Us?

    Experience – our team of engineers, builders and designers are highly trained and certified and have many years of experience in the field. We have built and installed numerous automotive handling systems with consistently positive results.

    Customised solutions – not all automotive assembly lines are the same and not all of them handle the same components. We have the capacity to make custom designs of the handling systems you are looking for to fit your floor plan and goals. We will also build and test the systems before installing them to make sure everything works smoothly and without hitches.

    Diversity – regardless of the kind of system that you need for your assembly plant, you can rely on Midland Handling Equipment Limited to provide you with reliable, high-quality systems that are effective and efficient.

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