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Circular Conveyors

A key component of successful conveyor systems is the need to be flexible and adaptable. This is especially pertinent when considering a factory or warehouse floor space. The need to fill floor space effectively and efficiently is crucial to fully maximise potential. It is therefore fundamental that any conveyor systems are created bespoke to fit the requirements of the location. The need to fully utilise all available space and take advantage of all possible opportunities cannot be underestimated. This is why circular conveyors are especially useful.  Circular conveyors are also particularly useful when floor areas are required to be clear. Where there is a continuous transport of goods and high flow rates they provide a continuous function.

Circular Conveyors

Circular Conveyor Systems

MHEL specialise in the creation of bespoke circular conveyors for a variety of scenarios. We provide handling and logistical solutions that include automation and boost efficiency to factory production lines. Providing a wide range of systems ranging from belt and mesh belt conveyors through to slat conveyors our portfolio is diverse.

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