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    Conveyor Care: Tip of the Week

    Posted on 15th October 2010 by Richard Deacon

    The most fundamental step in looking after your conveyor (especially overhead chain conveyors) is lubrication. If you fail to top your car up with oil regularly then the moving parts inside will wear away very quickly and soon you will not have much of an engine left. The same can be said for conveyors (or any mechanical machine). Always ensure your overhead conveyor is well lubricated, ideally you should have an automatic lubricator in the track. The trick is to keep turning the lubricator until oil is actively dripping out the track. Then turn the lubricator down a notch each time until the oil doesn’t drop anymore. Now you know the lubricator is set up properly.

    High Temperature Conveyor Oil

    Make sure you only use a high temperature conveyor oil (particularly if your system goes through an oven) like Midland’s Traklube High Temperature Conveyor Oil.

    Always try to position the lubricator after any prewashes or ovens or the oil can just be washed / burnt away if placed before!

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