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    Easi-lift Safety Gate

    Roll Over Gate

    Roll Over Gate

    The Roll Over Safety Gate is designed to keep personnel working on raised floors, like mezzanines, safe at the open edges where pallets are loaded or unloaded by Fork Trucks or Cranes. The unique design of the gate with its double barrier & chain system meansĀ either the inner or outer barrier is always down keeping the edge of the floor guarded and staff safe at all times. As the gate doesn’t use pivoting or swinging arms its compact design means it can be used where headroom is restricted. The standard gate will hold take a pallet 1200mm square by 1950mm high, but special size gates are available, as well as a powered option. Powered gates can even be controlled remotely by workers with use of sensors and key fobs. Midland Handling also do overhead monorail conveyors and powered monorail systems.

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