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    Gravity Rollers or Powered Roller Conveyors. Which to Choose?

    Posted on 27th July 2022 by Richard Deacon

    What Are The Most Common Types of Industrial Conveyors

    Roller conveyors mean a series of rollers within a frame modelled to the required size to avoid manual work such as heavy load lifting or repetitive lifting & carrying as they can cause injuries. In this article, we’ll talk about two main types of roller conveyors: gravity rollers and powered roller conveyors.


    Gravity Roller Conveyors


    Gravity Roller Conveyors are a great option for any industry because they are the most economical method of moving unit loads around. Products roll under gravity by pushing along or with the help of a decline. So, there is no need for a drive motor to supply the motive power.

    Gravity Roller Conveyors are usually positioned on a slight decline angle. Therefore, gravity assists in moving products for short or long distances to their destination.


    Benefits of Gravity Roller Conveyors


    • They hardly require any maintenance as their functions are very simple
    • Gravity Roller Conveyors can be easily fixed or replaced without big financial spends
    • They have a versatile design and can be reconstructed according to your parameters
    • Gravity Roller Conveyors come in different materials
    • They don’t require power, so they are environmentally friendly and don’t make a noise



    Powered Roller Conveyors


    Powered Roller Conveyors are an excellent choice if you need controlled speed to transport products without any human assistance. This type of conveyor also works best for long distances.

    They include a few different kinds based on the products, applications, and principles of the entire conveyor system. They perfectly cope with very heavy weights and deliver packages to their destinations in no time.


    Benefits of Powered Roller Conveyors


    • They help warehouse work & processes proceed quicker
    • Easy to control so there is less risk for damage or injury
    • They can be easily matched with other conveyors for more efficiency
    • Powered Roller Conveyors can be used to sort products into destination lanes through barcodes or other scanners
    • They have different work functions and can be programmed to route different products


    Gravity rollers and powered roller conveyors are both great types of roller conveyors. Both are highly functional and will be extremely helpful in the workplace. Contact us today and we’ll help you choose a roller conveyor that will meet your needs and help your business.

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