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    How Overhead & Floor Conveyors Help Automotive Production

    Posted on 29th September 2022 by Richard Deacon

    conveyor systems


    To meet your production targets conveyor systems are highly important. Overhead and floor conveyors increase productivity, support steady workflow, and maximise your workspace. They are required in automotive production lines as they help avoid using manual labour. Therefore, they help maximise work efficiency.

    Let’s have a look at what types of overhead and floor conveyors can be helpful in the automotive industry.



    Overhead Conveyors


    The advantage of these conveyors is that they allow components to be safely carried above the working area.

    Using overhead conveyors, you’ll save and make full use of available space as workstations can be placed above one another. Therefore, it’s a great option for smaller workspaces. In addition, overhead conveyors can significantly speed up production time as components will be moved over shorter distances.

    The types of overhead conveyors used in automotive production are following:



    Closed Track Power and Free Conveyors


    Closed track power and free conveyors have the chain and drive wheels in the steel track. They are a marvellous choice for those requiring space as they can be used in an inverted position. So, you can safely move your components from one place to another regardless of the track looping 180 degrees.  They won’t flip over.

    Close-track conveyors are perfect for spray booths as they offer overspray protection to the moving parts. The paint dries without chipping off and damaging other paintworks.

    The power and free system means that you can stop any individual item while others still moving along the track which is, admittedly, extremely handy.



    Open Track Monorail or I-beam conveyors


    Open track monorail or I-beam conveyor systems are cost-effective. They neither allow inverted transportations of the components nor power and free operation, but they can’t be more suitable for moving heavier parts or even items like complete vehicles.



    Twin Trolley System Conveyor


    The twin trolley conveyor can use both open and closed track systems as it runs on two synchronised tracks. It’s more versatile and easier to upgrade if needed.



    Vertical Adjusting Conveyor


    Vertical adjusting conveyor works with single or monorail systems. It can be adjusted to different heights, so it eliminates more manual work of climbing to different levels.




    Floor Conveyor Systems


    Same as overhead conveyors floor conveyor systems help save lots of time and floor space. Instead of moving a vehicle by a forklift, it can be easily loaded on a floor conveyor. Here are some types of floor conveyors:




    Belt Conveyor System


    The Belt conveyor system uses a single belt travelling in a continuous loop. It provides excellent stability for precision work on a moving component.



    Slat Conveyor System


    The Slat conveyor system consists of two chain or belt-driven rails with slats placed across them. This delivers increased versatility and chain-driven slats can move through wet areas like dipping troughs and heated areas like paint baking ovens.



    Skillet System


    A Skillet system is to go for if you need a moving working station where both the vehicle and the technician can be on a belt conveyor. It can be adjusted to different heights to perform tasks in different areas of the vehicle.




    Thus, there are plenty of overhead and floor conveyor systems to choose from to make your work process as efficient as possible. This versatility enables us to create a custom-designed system of conveyors depending on the workplace’s needs and requirements.

    To find out more about conveyor systems, contact us to get the best expertise and service to meet your needs.


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