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    Inverted Chain Conveyors


    Inverted Chains are available on a range of Monorail Conveyors here at Midland Handling Equipment. We ensure that all of our Inverted Chain Conveyors are made to the highest standards following critical health and safety precautions. We have a wide variety of different Inverted Chain Conveyors including Inverted Monorails, Inverted Power & Free and bottle conveyors so no matter what your warehouse needs, we have a solution. Inverted Chains are quiet and efficient running with the suitability of high speed. There is no sliding between joints creating little friction which adds to the efficiency but also the possibility of wear is decreased. Potentially any of our Powered Monorail Conveyors can be inverted but we have redesigned specific models that we think are best suited to an inverted system. If you need any more information contact us today.

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    Inverted Monorail

    Inverted Monorail

    Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we have redesigned the 203 and 406. Due to the stiffness of the chain formations, they keep the carried product stable and don’t allow them to move in any way. These systems have particularly become very popular in the bottle coating industry worldwide for keeping the bottles in place whilst in production. We ensure that all of our Inverted Monorail Systems are manufactured to the highest quality to make sure that you have a production line that stands the test of time with little downtime.

    Inverted Power and Free

    Inverted Power and Free

    Inverted Power and Free Conveyors are basically an adaptation of the 406/406 overhead but turned upside down by using a 406 chain the bottom track with the pendant protruding upwards and powering 406 trolleys through the top track. The inverted 406 Power and Free has become a big seller in the paint spraying market and particularly in the automotive industry due to its efficiency. Please see the Land Rover and ADAC Paintbox case studies for an example.

    Bottle Conveyors

    Bottle Conveyors

    Our Bottle Conveyors are a specially designed monorail system with very close pitches of 100mm or even 50mm for the greatest of product capacity achievable. These are usually fitted with sprockets rotators that allow every pitch to turn the bottles through a coating process; cover plates can also be fitted in instances where paint might get into the track. The bottle conveyors have ensured stability so the bottles stay in position throughout manufacturing processes.

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