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    Inverted Power & Free Conveyors

    Overhead Systems

    Inverted Power & Free Conveyors are a type of Conveyor System that goes overhead using the Power & Free technology. They are free to move, stop and collect along a continuously moving conveyor. They are ideal when the material flow gets complicated and using an ordinary Overhead Conveyor is not viable. The transport units can engage and disengage whilst it is still running, even on a double track. All Power & Free Conveyors have the versatile help of multiple stoppers and switches to cope with the variety of transportation to become the perfect solution for complex manufacturing systems.

    Upturned Power & Free Conveyors

    Here at Midland Handling Equipment our Inverted Power and Free Conveyors have weight-optimised chains and maintenance-free drives, which result in reduced operational costs and less downtime. As well as having this great weight capacity, they can easily handle high or low temperatures. We upgrade our systems constantly to ensure all of our clients have high-quality product development. The industries that use Upturned Power & Free Conveyors are Automotive, Paint and Finishing Lines.


    Inverted Power & Free Conveyors are the best systems to save space while using Power & Free technology. Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we provide bespoke inverted systems to suit your budget.

    Comprehensive Service – We provide a vast range of services here at Midland Handling Equipment that includes design, manufacturing, testing, installation and administration. These services are all under one roof, making project management simpler.

    Trained & Certified – All staff members are Trained & Certified within their respective areas. We also have experience working on a wide range of projects across many different industries.

    In-House Testing – The most important service we provide is testing. We test each product thoroughly before the installation process if there are any faults we ensure that they are fixed and re-tested.

    Documentation – Our Administration team will present all documentation to you, including all Health & Safety documents for your Conveyor System.

    We also provide other conveyor systems such as waste conveyors, bottle conveyors, powered rollers and gravity rollers. If you need any more information on our Inverted Power & Free Conveyors contact us today, we’re happy to help.

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