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    Monorail Conveyors

    At Midland Handling Equipment we offer a variety of Monorail conveyors systems with different components that can be used to customize your monorail conveyor to your requirements. Some of the components available with our monorail conveyor systems include;

    • Carrier assemblies
    • Welding jigs
    • Frog switches
    • Horizontal curves
    • Straight tracks
    • VMTs to automatically raise or lower the products
    • Carrier insert section

    The monorail conveyors are able to handle products weighing between 125 pounds to 100 pounds and offer a wide variety of benefits in the workspace which include efficient use of space, improves and maximizes product storage, maintains quality is easy to upgrade to other systems  and it also goes a long way in reducing damages on the products and work-related injuries.

    The monorail conveyor system can be used in different applications which include;

    • Assembly lines
    • Empty carton box delivery for order pickers
    • Garment handling systems
    • Corrugated Trash removal
    • Storage of products
    • Plastic tote box deliver to order pickers

    Why Choose Us?

    In-house testing – we test all our systems before delivering them to the clients. with our rigorous testing, we are able to identify any areas of weakness and make the necessary correction. All our testing is done in-house to guarantee the best results with all our systems.

    Comprehensive service – all our production teams are in-house. From the design to testing teams, all our experts work exclusively for us to make sure everything is done under one roof to cut time taken in production, improve accountability and set high standards of quality.

    Documentation – if there is any paperwork required, our administrators will present you with any safety, health or legal paperwork that might be required with your conveyor system.

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