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    Overhead Conveyor Trolley

    Overhead conveyor trolleys have plenty of applications, particularly in distribution and manufacturing operations. At Midland Handling Equipment Limited we offer different types of powered and non-powered overhead conveyor trolleys to suit your operations. Our overhead conveyor trolleys are applicable in fields which include;

    • Handling and sorting of garments
    • Delivery of corrugated cartons
    • Hanging goods and products on paint line stations
    • Moving trash from picking and transport to compactors and balers

    Each application requires a particular type of overhead trolley. At Midland Handling, we can help you identify, design, build and install a custom overhead conveyor trolley that matches your needs and applications.

    Our powered overhead conveyor trolleys are fitted with fewer components and are built in an enclosed track with different trolleys and wire baskets to fit your particular type of application. Depending on the distance you would like the system to cover, we offer single and multiple powered drive options that can support longer loops.

    To ensure smooth functioning, the drives are synchronised and work in tandem. We can also design different variations of the overhead rail design to match the demands of our clients. We offer power and free versions of overhead rails system where trolleys can be connected to multiple hangers using a load bar. The trolleys can also be pushed through the system with the help of a powerdog which can also be disengaged to accumulation.

    No matter what your overhead conveyor trolley needs are, at MHEL, we can offer you reliable and durable solutions that will cater to your needs and help your business become more efficient.

    Why Choose Us?

    Diversity – we offer a diverse range of overhead conveyor trolley solutions that are tailored to meet the different demands of different businesses and applications. Our range includes powered and manual conveyor trolleys, powered and free rail systems with a variety of components depending on the instructions of our client.

    Custom designs – to better capture the needs of our clients’ businesses and their requirements, we have an in-house design team that designs the systems and used CAD programmes to create 3D imitations of the designs. We are able to identify problem areas and improve on them before we get to building phase. We also make sure that all our conveyor trolley systems pass our rigorous tests before we dispatch them to the client.

    Get in touch with our friendly customer support team for more information and enquiries on overhead conveyor trolleys.

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