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    Envirotrak 304 or 228

    Available as the 304e or 228e, the envirotrak conveyors were developed from their corresponding powered systems, to offer zero contamination for use in perfectly sterile environments. Developed by Midland design engineers in the early nineties the envirotrak became the first tubular sidetrack conveyor to emerge in the market place; and was quickly established as the product when cleanliness was the upmost requirement.

    The unique design of the pendant supports protruding through a side mounted slot in the track combined with the use of cranked pendants, eliminates the possibility for lubricants or other contaminants falling from the inside of the track.

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    The chain is available with pendants every 152mm (6″) for the 304e or alternatively every 152mm (6″) or 228mm (9″) for the 228e. Chains can be provided with a Zinc plated finish or where the need arises. The 304e pendants can take a maximum load of 20Kg each, where the 228e can go cope with loads up to 30Kg a pendant.


    304e is made from rolled galvanised steel at 41mm² and 228e slight larger at 51mm².



    Unlike the standard powered monorail the drive units for envirotrak are sprocket driven corner drives fitted at 90° or 180° bend sections. Inline drives can be produced in case sprocket drives are not practical. Geared AC or DC motors are used to power the sprocket with torque limiting device for motor and operator protection.


    This would be incorporated in a readily accessible position in the circuit for inspection and preventative maintenance.

    Support Structure

    The conveyor would be either floor supported using hollow section steel to form a rigid structure anchored to the floor using stud anchors and base plates, or roof supported utilising track hanger clamps connected to tubular suspensions

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