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    Three Problems That Will Bring Your Conveyor To A Halt

    Posted on 23rd October 2021 by Richard Deacon

    Problems that will bring your conveyor to a halt

    Material handling allows for a far more efficient transportation process of goods. Therefore the materials used in the transportation of goods are just as important as the goods themselves. Without the proper implementation of a good quality, robust and sturdy handling system there is the potential to slow down or even completely stop the process, causing multiple problems. Naturally, the materials used in conveyor systems will after a long period of time begin to show signs of wear and tear, with the potential to cause down time. Regardless of the type and uses of your conveyor, eventually it may encounter problems such as rust, corrosion, stiffness and a fall in the productivity of the machinery. So what are some of the problems that will bring your conveyor to a halt?

    Problems That Will Bring Your Conveyor To A Halt


    Designating and ensuring a belt stays on a specific path is known as conveyor belt tracking, and this is crucial in maintaining the output of your system. When a belt moves from its true course this is known as mistracking. This can lead to problems such as belt and product damage, with the likely result being downtime. Ensure you keep your machinery in top condition to prevent this from occurring.


    The main purpose of your conveyor belt is to efficiently move products. When there are problems with the system, such as sharp ridges or rigid directional changes, there is the potential for blockages. This again can lead to downtime, seriously impacting your efficiency. Thorough maintenance and supervision of your system will prevent this problem from occurring.

    Seized Rollers

    Most conveyors use metallic elements such as steel which is often used in rollers. After a long period of use these have the potential to develop sharp edges. This poses a danger to both safe working conditions and the goods being transported. Similar to other problems, thorough maintenance and supervision will allow you to identify these problems early and rectify them before it has a significant impact upon efficient and output.

    Conveyor Maintenance

    Thorough surveillance and maintenance of your material handling systems means you can identify problems early and save yourself both money and a fall in output in the long run. If not there is always the potential to encounter problems such as mistracking, blockages and seized rollers. If you are experiencing any problems with your conveyor systems, contact the material handling experts today!

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