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    Process Line Automation

    Process Line Automation

    Process line automation is one the best ways for your factory to improve its handling while retaining quality delivery and efficiency. With our wide range of process line automation equipment, you can choose the one that fits perfectly with the needs of your factory and the necessary fields.

    Conveyor belts –  Conveyor belts are ideal for factories that don’t deal with weight products. With a wide range of belt conveyors, you can select options that best work for your factory and are capable of moving the weight in question.

    Overhead Conveyors – We know how important floor space is to every factory. If your factory places prime importance in the floor space, then our overhead conveyors will allow you achieve that and still be able to improve the efficiency of your process line and improve capacity. We have a wide range of overhead conveyor designs that you can choose from to suit your needs and the demands of your factory.

    Power & Free Track – Factories that move a lot of products have unique demands. Power and free conveyors which are also known as safer conveyor systems are perfect for such factories. Conventional conveyor solutions will require the whole system to be stopped every time there is loading and a risk of the overhanging equipment. With Power and free conveyors, you do not have to worry about the loading aspect. They are best suited for applications in warehouses and other load storage areas.

    Free Track Conveyors – At MHEL we also offer different free track conveyor belts. We have three different types of the Trackmaster Series and each of these comes with different components, carriers and steelwork. With this diversity, we are able to offer every client bespoke solutions that match the layout and requirements of the factory space where they are going to be used.

    Process Line Automation

    The biggest benefit of the Free Track conveyors is that they are versatile in weight capacity and you can easily choose one that fits the load capacity that you’re looking to move.

    Mesh & Wire Conveyor Belts – We have solutions that cater to the food industry. The mesh and wire conveyor belts are perfect for factories in food production. They come in unique designs that allow them to work at various temperatures without failing. The design is also easy to clean and can be put into different applications.

    Why Choose MHEL?

    • Diversity – Every business is unique. That is why at MHEL, we offer custom solutions that fit the needs of each business and partner.
    • Durability – We have highly skilled design teams that ensure all work is quality tested. We offer durable materials to make sure we offer products that are able to stand the test of time and the demands of your factory. With our in-house testing team, we make sure that all the equipment meets all the industry standards and there are no flaws or weaknesses.
    • Documentation – We are always ready to provide every factory owner and potential client with all the legal, safety and health paperwork. We have been certified in all the required areas and make sure that we meet legal standards.

    As one of the UK’s leading conveyor manufacturers, we pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service along with providing quality products and conveyor systems. So if you have any questions or would like more information regarding our conveyor systems then get in touch with our team today!

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