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    Production Line Automation

    production line automation

    Production line automation consists of a transfer system such as a conveyor belt and a control system that connects a series of workstations. Each of these workstations will have a specific function in the production line. Each step of the operation is pre-defined so there is a step by step sequence.

    When this production line is automated it does not require people to be directly involved in the operation. The use of mechanical equipment and systems allows the sequence to be automated. However, human input is still crucial in these automated systems. Humans are needed in the design, supervision and monitoring of the process.

    Midland Handling Equipment Limited provides a wide range of automotive conveyor systems that can be created bespoke to an individual’s needs. The use of automated production lines provides a wide range of benefits to both the producer and the consumer.

    Factory Production Line – What Are The Benefits?

    Some benefits of automated product lines include:

    • Increased efficiency – process line automation systems allow the consistent production of products to the same standard and at a constant speed. With constant advancements in technology these standards and speeds are only going to improve.
    • Lower costs – despite an initial outlay, in the long run the return on investment will be greater. These returns are also more or less immediate. Automation also allows lower wage costs and wastage.
    • Increased accuracy – automated production lines are used in many industries where accuracy of the products is of upmost importance. Sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry or automotive require precise sizes. Automated systems ensure products are manufactured to a consistently high standard.
    • Efficient work space use – Production line automation systems also allow an efficient use of work space. MHEL create bespoke conveyor systems that can be built to individual specs. Maximizing floor space is crucial to any efficient business.
    • Greater safety – automated systems ensure there is also greater safety on the factory floor. Human error is accountable for a large portion of incidents in a production facility. Where the system is largely automated, worker safety is far greater.

    Automated Product Lines

    As outlined above there are a great many benefits to production line automation. These generally revolve around boosts in efficiency and consequently lower production costs. With the production of bespoke conveyor belts, these systems can also be built to a company’s individual requirements. Contact MHEL today for the finest bespoke conveyor systems and handling equipment solutions.

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