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    Slat Conveyors

    Plank Conveyor Systems

    Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we supply a wide variety of slat conveyors. To protect workers we, ensure all safety precautions have been put in place on the scrap conveyor system. Whether this waste material system is used in the business sector such as within a supermarket or a borough council, here at Midland Handling Equipment we, only produce high-quality conveyors including our waste conveyor belts. Having a slat conveyor, you will dramatically reduce time and energy of staff members with the automatic systems; it also means cost efficiency is achieved. Our waste conveyors are bespoke to your needs so whether you need a wide conveyor to accommodate large quantities of material or thin conveyors to separate items into segments; we have got a full range to offer.

    Our slat conveyors are used in situations when the product being moved simply can’t on a belt or roller conveyors whether this is a high-temperature product or in particular heavy product, as a slat conveying system can withstand just about everything. This is why slat conveyors are normally used to waste disposal.

    If you have any questions on our products from our slat conveyors to our mesh belt conveyors and plate link conveyors get in touch with us and our helpful staff can provide you with more information.

    Slat Belt Conveyors

    Slat Belt Conveyors are ideal for applications where belt or roller conveyors are not suitable, i.e high-temperature ovens, heavy products or dirty and arduous conditions. Slat Conveyors work on a basic simple design, twin stands of conveyor chain run parallel within guides and around sprockets either end. The drive is mounted on one end and the tension device the opposite end.

    Slats made of steel (normally galvanised or stainless), hardwood or plastic are bolted between the chains, effectively making a moving ‘table’ surface. The length of the conveyor and width of the slats is made to suit the product being carried. The slat conveyor can move at a constant speed or index, again dependant on the requirements. Products can be placed directly onto the slat or jigs can be fixed to the slats to assist assembly on production lines. Slat conveyors can be level or inclined to move goods between floors.

    LowPro Slat Conveyors

    LowPro Slat Conveyors are available with a stainless steel or aluminium body to allow for wash down applications. Midland Handling Equipment has come up with designs that allow for use in areas that are very sensitive in terms of hygiene standards. These slat conveyors are designed to use the generic slat chain saving you money and time while cutting down on the energy used by staff and allowing for a more seamless flow of goods around the production line or warehouse. The LowPro Slat can be implemented almost anywhere and with the generic slat chain, it is an inexpensive tool for your company.


    The application of slat conveyors will depend on the type of slat conveyor that you purchase from us. Typically, slats conveyors can be used in applications that include zones based on fixtures, non-contact accumulation, dirty, wet and oily loads and with pallet loads with bottoms that cannot be placed on a roller or chain conveyor.

    Slat conveyors can be installed in manufacturing plants, government military agencies, automotive lines, appliance production, warehousing and distribution, in furniture and cabinetry production and manufacturing plants. The limitation of the equipment is determined by your ability to get the right slat conveyor for the right job.


    Slat Conveyors go a long way and are an economical addition to any company that is looking to cut down on human intervention in the production or storage line. They help to cut down on the time taken to move goods and loads from one end to the other and increase the efficiency of the production line.

    Why Choose Us?

    Slat conveyors increase the efficiency in the production and storage line. They are an economic addition that helps to reduce the human intervention by automating the movement of products from one end to the next.

    Variety – we have a vast variety of different slats to fit different applications from different clients.  Our range of slats includes LowPro Slat conveyors, slat belt conveyors and plank conveyor systems.

    Trained and Certified – we have highly trained and certified teams who are entrusted with the entire process from design to production. We guarantee quality because everything is completed under our roof and comprehensively tested before sending out to our clients.

    Comprehensive Services –  we handle all the aspects of the slat conveyors from design, production, testing and installation. Our clients can feel secure knowing that the production process of the slat conveyors is of the highest standards.

    Safety First – we understand that workers are an essential part of any business and other than building high-quality slat conveyors, we also include a variety of safety features to guarantee the safety and well-being of those that will be operating the system.

    Customised Solutions – our clients have different needs and we believe they should also have customised solutions to their needs. We offer bespoke waste conveyors to match the needs of our clients and the nature of materials they need to handle.

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