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    Waste Conveyors

    Waste Sorting Systems

    Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we offer waste conveyors as a waste sorting system. We provide the correct technology and solutions for all different locations and conditions.

    The combination of mechanical processes and separation is vital when recovering valuable commodities. Our waste conveyors consist of various parts including chain conveyors, screw conveyors and load containers. Our belts are flat and curved and can easily be assembled. All of our customers appreciate our flexibility with location space and instalments of each element.

    Our systems are reliable and anti-clogging, offering vibrating conveyors to move waste consistently. All of our waste conveyors can handle construction/demolition waste, commercial waste, municipal solid waste, recycling, and incinerator bottom ash. We can quickly change rollers if needed without having the need to touch the belt, which means limit or no downtime at all.

    High-Quality Recycling Conveyors

    There is increasing pressure to sort and refine waste in councils and businesses. This increases the need for high-quality recycling conveyors, so whether you are a commercial business, council or just in need of a waste conveyor, large or small, contact us today here at Midland Handling Equipment. Our friendly team are happy to help! We also offer systems such as gravity rollers, powered rollers, inverted power and free, and bottle conveyors.

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    As the demand for us all to recycle more increases, Midland Handling Equipment designs and manufactures waste conveyor systems for waste management companies and local authorities. The conveyor shown here is designed to carry waste material from a floor level load area, up the incline, and into a waste compacting machine. However, we also create flat and declining conveyor systems. The belt is fixed to steel slats running across the conveyor between 4inch pitch 6000lb conveyor chains. Steel flights are bolted to the belt to aid the waste up the incline. The sturdy steel means that no matter how heavy the waste is, or how fast it is thrown at the conveyor, it will stand the test of time. These conveyors are strong and durable. Our waste conveyors are made to the highest of standards to ensure a long life because as with most conveyor lines, they are constantly running and need no down time.

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