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    Overhead Track System

    Overhead track systems are an important addition to any facility that is looking to increase efficiency and movement of parts and products from one place to the next without wasting the floor space. At Midland Handling Equipment Limited, we offer a wide range of overhead track solutions for both lightweight and heavy-duty use.

    With our systems, you will be able to improve handling and efficiency of the factory without giving up too much floor space for the installation of the overhead track system.

    Power and Free Systems

    Power and free overhead systems are best suited for clients who are looking for ease of use, longevity and reliability. These systems are able to handle up to 5000Kgs of weight depending on the build, purpose and design. They can also withstand relatively high temperatures. With their highly diverse nature and the ingenuity of our staff, we can offer you custom solutions that make the most of the space available and are able to handle your particular kind of cargo.

    Circular Conveyors

    Circular conveyors consist of a chain and rail. These are set up in a closed circuit of up to 2000 metres. This system is built to transport light elements, it can handle up to 400Kgs and ascent on angles up to 60 degrees.

    Circular conveyors are very common in industries especially those that need to move their products over a long distance. They are extremely important systems with the capacity to save a company a lot of money in production costs and transportation.

    Electrified Monorail Systems

    For facilities that are looking for overhead track systems that are quiet in their operation, efficient and economical, these are the best options to have. Our EMS systems are lightweight and built from aluminium carriers and rails and come with individual drives. Overhead EMS systems have a high transport efficiency, have an adjustable speed of dumping can transport on descent and ascent and can carry up to 5000 kilograms of weight at speeds of up to 120M/min.

    EMS systems are applicable in different fields including storage, manufacture and even certain aspects of assembly.

    Why Choose Us?

    Customised solutions – we have been offering handling solutions to customers for many years. We know that every business is unique and also has unique needs. Our business is to provide every company with systems that are ideal for their needs and match their layout. We are able to come up with tailored solutions that fit your business perfectly.

    Experience – we have over 4 decades of experience working with handling equipment. Over the years, we have perfected our systems and delivery to guarantee businesses that work with of the best quality and reliable systems.

    State of the art equipment – we design, build and test our equipment before installation. Other than having a state of the art lab for testing, we also use CAD programmes to produce detailed 3D images which allow us to identify flaws in our designs and rectify them before we can start building. With such investments, we are able to guarantee quality and reliability to our clients at all times.

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