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    Power & Free Conveyors

    Safer Conveyor System

    ‘Power and Free’ is the name that is applied to an Overhead Chain System which has the ability to provide a specialised zone to buffer storage for loads. This would be impossible on a conventional overhead conveyor without stopping the entire system. Power & Free Conveyors are a safer type of conveyor system to have in your factory or warehouse there’s decrease in manual movement resulting in fewer potential injuries.

    What is power & free?

    With this type of Conveyor System, the carriage runs in a “free” profile and on top of this chain profile “power” – which is where the name came from.

    Conveyor Checking Area

    Having a buffer storage area means you will be able to have a conveyor checking area by accumulating loads to sort through, differentiate, process or allow linear movement of various items at different rates without the need for stopping. These storage zones can either be power assisted or completely free for manual movement. Power & Free Conveyor Systems have numerous manufacturing cells that are able to operate at different speeds or even different shift times.

    Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we offer a full range of Power and Free Conveyor Systems that are capable of transporting the lightest components up to a massive 8 tonne. The conveyors consist of our Trakmaster Powered Systems for the drive medium along with a variety of trolley tracks suspended beneath – depending on the size load that will be carried and the weight.

    The connection is through specially designed pusher dogs attached to the chain at the required pitch, these engage with a towing dog on the front of the load bar. The towing dog will either be fixed or an overriding type of towing latch system.

    View our range of Free & Power products below:

    Range Loads up to
    152TT / 304TA 75kg / 100kg
    203TA & 203/406 100kg
    406/406 & 406TC 1000kg – 8000kg


    The switches and merges that are available offer an astonishing variety of ingenious storage configurations, often utilising a single drive system for optimum and efficient running costs. Power & Free Conveyor Systems offer freedom for zoned processes, breaking up the flow of a conveyor belt, they also provide a clear floor area for your production. You may not have considered Power and Free in your factory or warehouse – but the advantages of freedom are worth having a consultation with us here at Midland Handling Equipment.


    Power & Free Conveyors are a great form of conveyor without the need of motors; they are usually down an incline or manually pushed. Why choose Midland Handling Equipment for your gravity roller conveyor?

    Comprehensive Service – We don’t just provide you with a Power & Free Conveyor, we provide you with multiple services including design, manufacturing, testing, installation and administration. All of these services are under one roof to make your projects stress-free.

    Trained & Certified – Each team member is Trained & Certified in their fields and has experience working on a range of complex projects, large and small. We also have a wide portfolio of clients across different industries.

    In-House Testing – One of the most important sections of our work is the testing process. Every product made here at Midland Handling Equipment is thoroughly tested; any faults that occur are fixed immediately and tested again before being installed.

    Documentation – All documentation such as Health & Safety is presented by our administration team.

    For more information on our Power & Free Conveyors or our Free Track Conveyors, get in touch with our friendly team today on 0116 259 3175.

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